20 years of Pro Evolution Soccer: PES vs FIFA
PES vs. Multiple players involved in each offensive move, the Konami series was your only option.

Before it became the worst Steam game ever under the eFootball 2022 review, the Pro Evolution Soccer series was one half of the biggest competition in esports history. 20 <b>years</b> of <b>Pro</b> <b>Evolution</b> <b>Soccer:</b> <b>PES</b> vs FIFA < /p>

To death - FIFA fans should also be grateful to PES, as it has prompted Electronic Arts to continue improving their scores over the past two decades, rather than selling games that were little more than team updates at full price.

clicktoplay {margin-top: 10px; text alignment: true; Font size: .8em; bottom padding: 10px; Color: #607D8B; Ev The Evolution of a Name

The father of the Pro Evolution series was called "Goal Storm" and was released exclusively for Sony PlayStation in late 1995 and early 1996 worldwide. In Japan, she used the name "World Soccer Winning Eleven".

One of the main selling points compared to FIFA 96 was the polygon-based graphics, which had more angles than the competing texture-based graphics. better. / p>

Goal Storm allowed players to compete in international tournaments between 36 national teams. As a preview, those teams did not use players' real names, unlike FIFA 96, which was the first game in the series to use players' real names. Click on the image to see the gameplay video < img alt = "" src = "picsbody / 2201 / 13063-2.jpg" alt = " 20 years of Pro Evolution Soccer: PES vs FIFA" class="b-lazy">

in In 1996, these great graphics were considered.

The next game in the series was released a year and a half later, Goal Storm '97 in North America, World Soccer: Winning Eleven '97 in Japan, and International. Superstar Soccer Pro in the rest of the world. The main innovation of the game was in the tactical part, because it allowed players to choose between 13 player combinations and 8 strategies.

ISS Pro 98 was the first version of this series that misspelled real players with real names. The next game was called ISS Pro Evolution, which included a way to deal with the lack of licenses, in which players could edit and save changes to the memory card. It also included what would be a staple of the series: a Master League mode.

Originally, the Master League was a simple league with fictional versions of 16 of the best European club teams. You can play as any of those teams, but the team is replaced by a team made up of fake players. By winning trophies, you earn points that you can spend by adding players from other teams to your team.

ISS Pro Evolution 2 has introduced many improvements in this series. Notably, many players had their real names, and the Master League was split into two parts, with ups and downs at the end of each season. But it was not released in North America, as Konami and Saffire released the fully licensed ESPN MLS GameNights game.

No matter which club you choose for your Master League campaign, the team will be replaced by the built club. Tighten From the same fantasy players.

Golden years

In 2001, Winning Eleven 5 was released in Japan and North America. This was the first game in the series to be released for PlayStation 2. This game brought great improvements in graphics and ball physics. When it was released in Europe later that year, it was called Pro Evolution Soccer.

In Japan, PS2 Winning Eleven 5 has sold over 500,000 copies. The Final Evolution update, released around the same time as FIFA 2002, sold over 275,000 copies, and EA didn't even come close. In Europe, PES earned €21 million in 2001 (representing sales of about 500,000 units) compared to the €52 million (about 1.3 million units) built by FIFA 2002.

FIFA not only had PlayStation versions. , but it was also on the Nintendo GameCube, and most importantly, it had a PC version - with online mode. PES was a better game, but not everyone knew it.

The PlayStation 2 era brought significant improvement in graphics and ball physics.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2 is called Winning Eleven 6. Japan and Winner of Eleven 6: International in North America. This was the first game in the series to be released for a non-Sony platform, the GameCube, and it also increased the number of (unlicensed) club teams to 40. The game had a fully licensed team: the Japanese national team, thanks to a monopoly agreement that kept Japan out of the FIFA series until 2016.

Winning Eleven 6 is the best-selling PS2 game in Japan in 2002 with over 1.1 million copies and the second best-selling game overall. , behind the Game Boy Advance and Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. The Final Evolution update added another 400,000 units as FIFA 2003 approached. In Europe, PES 2 sold over a million copies in 40 days, but FIFA 2003 finally defeated it with sales of 2.5 million in 2002, adding Xbox, GBA, and mobile versions. PES 3 was the first game. In the series to be released for PC, while abandoning PlayStation support and the base of the original game (of course, the in-game menus for both versions assumed you were using a PlayStation console).

PES 3 was the first case. The game of this series has been released for PC. 20 <b>years</b> of playing <b>Pro</b> <b>Evolution</b> <b>Soccer:</b> <b>PES</b> vs <b>FIFA</b>

The game becomes more complex and more stats affect the abilities of different players. The game consisted of 64 club teams with 6 licensed teams and the Master League was expanded to the first 4 divisions. This version, like its predecessor, sold for a record one million copies in Europe on its first day of release.

The PC version had one feature: The Option File included changes for the team. Unlicensed applications can be easily stored and shared over the Internet. Thanks to hardcore fan work, the game has been licensed to just about anyone who has downloaded the mod file (PlayStation mod discs were also available for this).

At this point, teams can completely change. To create entire leagues that are not included in the game. Fans can also search for "compiled" option files that contain all the correct information about their favorite teams and players. Click the image for the game video

Thanks to the work of hardcore fans, this game is practically for everyone who is downloading the modified "Option File".

Heavier modes are included, including many additional variations such as T-shirts with real sponsors, and even true fan tunes, which will never be included in a commercial game. In one of the most popular Israeli fashions at the time, you could hear fans chanting, "If you don't jump, you're the judge," which was like "If you don't jump, you're the police"...Israeli fans jumped into the stadium and sang. This is just one example of a fan-made mod that has been made around the world with many subtitle features, far beyond controlling or controlling Konami.

PES 3 was the first game in the PES League this year. 2018 done. 2004, just before the release of PES 4 in Europe. Initially, the tournament was open to a few countries in Europe, but the small number of finalists encouraged many qualifiers in those countries.

It was increasing. In the years that followed, EA quickly followed up with the FIFA Interactive World Cup, even though the games in those years were part of global online gaming. In subsequent years, the PES League qualifiers were broadcast online.

PES 4 supported the original Xbox and was the first game in the series to have full leagues, including 3 licensed leagues. It was also the first title in the series to feature a referee during a match. In the end, you can play with the real team of the club, but more importantly, the main point was that players can improve or worsen some of their stats after each game based on age and playing time. Click on the image for a game video < p> In PES 4 you can finally play Master League with a real club team.

This change defines the recommended Master League strategy for the rest of the series: Attract long-term, low-paid young players. Watch them recover for several seasons, sell them for a steep price just before their contract expires and their legal claims are ridiculous. I personally played several Master League campaigns until my entire team was replaced.

PES 5 was the first game in the series to be manually released: PlayStation Portable. Despite the limitations due to the lack of console buttons, the release was generally welcomed. The PlayStation 2 version was the first in the series to have an online mode.

PES 6 has removed the Xbox version for the Xbox 360, which has improved ball physics and graphics, but lacks the fully functional editing mode it was. It also has a version of the Nintendo DS that is not as well received as the others. This year's North American release was the last to use the "Winning Eleven" name: Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007.

The Wiiddle Ages

Konami began offering versions of the game a year after its actual release. New done. Like what EA did with FIFA. PES 2008 had a mobile (2D) version, but more importantly it was the first to have PlayStation 3 and Nintendo versions. Unlike the DS version, the Wii game was not a limited port, but it was a revolution in sports, the point-and-click mechanism of Wii Remote made the game feel like a real-time strategy game. More accurate than any other platform.

With Wii Remote, the game almost felt like a real-time strategy game.

Most versions of the game were like this. It's generally well reviewed, with criticism focused on technical issues, but I can still remember it as a weak point in the series in terms of gameplay.

Everything is very fast forward. players. They received their shoes as a pass. If I want to play with players who look more like the superheroes in the comic books than their real counterparts, I can easily choose to play FIFA.

When the ball is moving too fast, you shouldn't stick to it. Here are the players' shoes!

PES 2009 was the first game to use Konami's exclusive Champions League license. It was also the first case to include a "Become a Legend" mode that allowed you to control a player, similar to the "Mr. Profession" FIFA mode, which was introduced a year ago. This version did not have a DS version, but the Wii version added support for the classic console. The FIFA series has been getting better. FIFA 09 had more realistic physics than its predecessors, and it was an online “Pro” mode for 20 players, in which each player was tasked with controlling one player on the field except for the goalkeeper. The next update brings the Ultimate Team mode, which combines the usual FIFA gameplay with a business card game.

PES 2010 allows real 360-degree analog player control. The bars showed the UEFA Europa League along with the UEFA Champions League. For the first time in the series, it had an iPhone version that was simplified but similar to the others.

Since iPhones had a 3.5-inch screen at the time, they were actually pretty good.

PES 2011 has added versions for Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. PES 2012 even had a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play version, along with a Nintendo 3DS version that performed better than DS games. Analog stick.

Apart from these changes, the game was very similar to the previous versions and allowed FIFA to focus on improving its career position and selling over millions of PES.

Back to PES 2013 The model, which does not have a mobile version, has received much attention and is better received than previous games, with improved gameplay similar to previous games in the series.

PES 2014 was the first game in the series. Using the Fox engine, along with the physics engine Havok, but wa PES 2015 removed support for PlayStation 2 and all manual versions in favor of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game has been known as the best title in the series for almost a decade. Unfortunately, the quality of the game did not cause sales. FIFA 15 has sold more than 18 million copies compared to PES 2015 with a good number of licenses and a neat Ultimate Team mode compared to PES 2015. 1. The gameplay in PES 2013 was like the first PES games. way possible.

PES 2016 was praised for its gameplay and later received a free update with the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship license. It was also the first game to include the "myClub" mode, which was similar to FIFA Final Team and was also available for free.

PES 2017 again released iOS and Android versions, and these were generally . A different league than FIFA While EA's mobile versions looked like low-cost PS2 games with no real soundtracks or in-game crowds, PES was essentially myClub, as it was on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. On PS4 and Xbox One, PES won 2017 critically acclaimed for its improved graphics, but the PC version was criticized for being similar to the port of older consoles.

This issue with PES 2018, which seemed fine, was also a correction. It was also released by Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But the real success was the mobile version, which has been downloaded more than 150 million times.

With PES 2019, PS3 and Xbox 360 were removed. For the first time in 10 years, the game has not hosted any UEFA matches.

Only in late 2017, PES had a PC version with PlayStation 4 level graphics.

Change Direction

In 2019, Konami released eFootball PES 2020. It was The untitled game is similar to previous games in the series, with the mobile versions having been upgraded to Unreal Engine 4 and downloaded more than 300 million times.

The game has added an online Matchday mode, which in the fans of the two teams who would have played each other in real life, can play the scheduled match and help their team "win" it, at least in PES. The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament update added with an exclusive license, even if the tournament takes place in real life only a year later.

In 2020, Konami did not release a full game, only eFootball PES was published in 2021. Season update that was the same game with updated leagues and teams at half price. The game was available for the same PES 2020 platforms as well as the new Xbox Series X and Series S.

In 2021, Konami released eFootball 2022 - the first game in the series without "Pro Evolution Soccer" in the name. The game was available for all platforms that received the 2021 season update, as well as PlayStation 5, but it fell to the level of mobile versions on all platforms.

The game quickly received 92% of negative reviews. Steam has been created. Screenshots showing bugs and graphics of the game, which is often called "brutal", played in cyberspace.

eFootball 2022 tried to show that some of Ronaldo's teammates feel invisible next to him. 20 <b>years</b> of <b>Pro</b> <b>Evolution</b> <b>Soccer:</b> <b>PES</b> vs FIFA < /p>

The downfall of the FIFA giant was then part of the explanation behind eFootball's radical move for free play, but it clearly didn't go as expected. In the original version, there was only the option of 1v1 matches against a local or online player and "challenging events" between 9 teams (the only team to be selected) with money upgrades.

PES fans can only hope that this disaster will make Konami reconsider its recent decisions. And it's publishing a successor worthy of PES 2020. There will be another seasonal update in the meantime.

Aside from a bad decision, the Pro Evolution Soccer series should be remembered for all the game mechanics and innovations it brings. years. The future of this group seems uncertain, but the legacy they leave cannot be doubted.

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