Defective build of some ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards causes Asus to be recalled.
Hot Potato: After increasing user reports of fluorescent transistor circuits melting, error codes, and smoke from Z690 Hero motherboards, Asus began investigating and identified installed rear capacitors as the culprit. The device maker is now working on an alternative app for affected customers.

If you have recently consumed some sweet paste on your premium Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard, it is highly recommended that you check for a Defective capacitor before deciding to deploy or power it. Several owners started reporting hardware problems last week, from burns on the motherboard to smoke and sending error codes indicating memory problems.

One Reddit user said he encountered two Z690 Hero mobs. In just three days, one of them caught fire, while others reported similar incidents on operating systems such as YouTube and the Asus community. The culprit, as it turned out, was a capacitor installed backwards next to the Mobo DDR5 slots, which also damaged the MOSFETs and adjacent components, resulting in a Code 53 error. <b>Defective</b> design of <b>some</b> <b>ROG</b> <b>Maximus</b> <b>Z690</b> <b>Hero</b> <b>motherboards</b> <b>causes</b> <b>Asus</b> to be called out.

Close inspection reveals reverse cover. Image Credit: u / Duhjahno

An excerpt from an Asus statement as follows:

“We recently received accident reports for the ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard. In doing so, we first identified a potential capacitor issue Reverse memory in the production process from one of the production lines, which may correct error code 53, and not damage the substation or motherboard components."

Asus. Expose motherboards with numbered parts. 90MB18E0-MVAAY0 and serial number starting with MA, MB, or MC Potential affected units and requires owners to identify their units by referring to the product packaging. <b>Defective</b> design of <b>some</b> <b>ROG</b> <b>Maximus</b> <b>Z690</b> <b>Hero</b> <b>motherboards</b> <b>causes</b> <b>Asus</b> to be recalled. The company also shared that as of December 28, several incidents have been reported in North America and is working on a replacement program as it continues to screen suppliers and customers for all Defective units. Locate. Affected buyers are requested to contact Asus Customer Service.

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