Track Laptop or Phone Location with Prey

This app is lightweight, open source and free for everyone. It just works.

How it works

You basically install a small proxy on your computer or phone that silently waits for a distant signal to wake up and do its magic. >

This signal is sent either via the Internet or via SMS, which allows you to collect information about the device's location, devices, network status, and optionally perform certain actions. 100% Location Aware

Prey uses your device's GPS or nearest WiFi hotspot to triangulate and troubleshoot your location. This is shockingly accurate.

Know Your Enemy

Take a picture of the thief with your laptop's webcam to see what he looks like and where he's hiding. Strong evidence.

Unauthorized Access

Completely lock your computer and make it unusable unless you enter a certain password. A man can do nothing!

Auto Wi-Fi Connection

If enabled, Prey attempts to connect to the nearest open WiFi hotspot when no internet connection is available.

Watch their moves

Take a picture of the active session *If you're lucky, you might catch someone logging into your email or Facebook account!


Check Your Hardware

Get a complete list of your computer's CPU, motherboard, RAM and BIOS information. It works great when used in active mode.

Light is full

Prey has very few dependencies and leaves no memory trace even when activated. We care about you.

Keep your information safe

Hide your Outlook or Thunderbird data and optionally delete your saved passwords so that no one can see your status. .

Full Automatic Update

Prey can check your current version and fetch and update itself automatically, so you don't need to manually reinstall every time.

What's New:

BitLocker Disk Encryption

Our new disk encryption tool to easily encrypt data on compatible Windows devices using the tool Use the original Windows BitLocker.

Companies. with fleets running Windows as an operating system, you can now use Microsoft's native BitLocker Disk Encryption tool with Prey! Let us introduce you to the new disk encryption. This tool allows you to easily enable BitLocker disk encryption on compatible devices (Windows 10 Pro, corporate or training) and protect the data on their hard disks!

with Windows. 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education and does not require installation or separate purchase.

This new tool has been added to our Enterprise plan, and this is the next step to help organizations secure their data. . Encryption is a key factor to reduce risk! If this information is encrypted, data theft, data breach or device loss will not put the data at risk.

How to use the Disk Encryption Tool

An item will be available. A Windows 10 device running Windows Pro, Enterprise, or Education and with a device equipped with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module). To turn on BitLocker:

1) Find a compatible Windows device in the Prey Control Panel and click it in the device list to access its personal view. Once there, you can find the disk encryption process in the left pane.

2) Click the Action button to start the process. The drives on the computer that you want to encrypt with BitLocker must be selected.

3) Select the encryption method you want to apply. Selecting "Full Disk" takes longer, but it protects the full disk (unused and unused). This is ideal for computers in active use. On the other hand, selecting "Only used space" will be faster, but it will not protect the unused space. This is ideal for new computers that have not yet stored data.

4) Finally, choose the encryption standard. AES_128 is ideal for internal hard drives, and XTS_AES128 is ideal for removable drives such as flash drives. This option indicates the type of encryption applied.

5) Click Start Encoder to apply!

What happens next?

Device access preference. And after connecting, BitLocker is asked to start the encryption process. You can click on this to see the progress bar and follow the encryption process as it protects the selected drive.

Note that the encryption process is not instant, as Windows must encrypt all publicly available data. slowly. Completion time varies depending on computer specifications and disk data size. However, by default this means that the performance of the computer changes slightly because a small portion of the processing power goes through this continuous encoding process. The recovery key (or encryption key) and disk password will be available in the hardware details of the devices in your account.

How to decrypt a bait encrypted disk The decryption process is relatively simple. You can find the decryption option in the same process as before, disk encryption. Find the Windows device in your Prey account that is already encrypted with the same platform and click on it to access its personal view. Open the disk encryption tool and select the disks to be decrypted. Click on Decrypt and Prey will start the process.

What will happen next?

Prey connects to a Windows machine and disables BitLocker and begins decrypting the selected disks. This process takes from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the disk and the characteristics of the computer. If the device is turned off, it will be disconnected and resumed when turned on again. Read more MSI Center replaces Dragon Center and reduces puffiness

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