Total Commander Android plugin enables easy Wifi file transfer

As described below: 10+ Tools to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows Add Tabs to File Explorer and Other Programs Before Settings in Windows 10 are essential programs you should have on a new PC that install with Windows or macOS.

Total Commander is an alternative file manager that supports multiple languages, search, file comparison, list synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap view, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, and ACE archive management plus plug-ins, a built-in FTP client with FXP, support for HTTP proxies and more.

Key Features:

Two multilingual file windows, Unicode support, advanced search function, file comparison (currently with editor) / synchronization of directories, quick page view with Bitmap view, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2 , TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE Archive Management + Extensions Internal FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP support for Parallel Port Proxy link, Multi-naming tool interface, Regular statements, History + custom thumbnails, Custom columns, Advanced name search long (>259 rs characters), password manager for ftp and plug-ins, empty dirs sync, 64-bit context menu, fast USB port connection with quick file filter (Ctrl + S) via direct transfer cable, partial branch view ( Ctrl + Shift + B) And many improvements to FTP, sync and other functions and much more!

Total Commander Portable

Download the USB Installer tool first. This small utility allows you to copy your current installation of Total Commander containing all plug-ins and configuration files to a USB drive. This can be useful if you want to take Total Commander with you to work on different devices, for example. For support tasks, it automatically detects PortableApps installation on the stick and adds Total Commander to it. This tool does not copy software to the wood that you attached to the button bar.


Android v3.5 Wi-Fi Transfer Plugin

This plugin allows you to transfer files from one Android device to another and also send them to any other system With a web browser! It uses the ZXing QR-Code library.


Access points (create and connect) are also supported in Android 8 and later to use static path / 8888 with username / password (DIGEST authentication) Wi-Fi server support in Android 10, requires Location permission (only required if needed) Save time on load (internal memory only in Android 9 and 10) Adjustable notification port number to survive active connections Client web connection indicates: Allow download zip file called utf-8 < p> Total Commander for Android 3.24

Fixed: Media player: turn off when sleep timer expires (not just pause) Fix to reduce battery charge: Appearance used (dark or light) will not be sent to plug-ins if they custom language not set Fixed: send theme (dark or light) to WiFi transfer plug-in also when sending (sharing) files made via copy button - over WiFi: icons in top toolbar after switching between old and new icons

Changes in Total Commander 10.00

Loader cannot reboot yall. It also corrects many errors. Complete list of changes.

New functionality in Total Commander 10.00:


Lists created by MacOS are now displayed on ExFAT flash drives in TC. It's not showing because they have inavlid 8 feature: the folder flag always shows the hidden "AppData" folder in c:\Users\ even with hidden files inactive. Allow the user to double-click the file automatically. When downloading files via anonymous FTP (Ctrl + F) or HTTP (Ctrl + N) from outside the intranet, such as web browsers, add "zone transfer" data streams, such as web browsers when opening internal packets or through plug-ins, copy the data stream "Move Area" from archives to uncompressed files, just like the new Explorer area move option that can be disabled via WantZoneData = 0 Always look for a c file in c:\totalcmd even if Total Commander is installed elsewhere


Allow Windows Hello in Windows 10 to securely store the master password until the TC is closed. Use your fingerprint, face, or pin to reconnect. Use the mouse wheel to scroll through menu tabs (eg Firefox). Configured - Options - Thumbnails Loading thumbnails of EXIF ​​data (image preview) from JPG and various camera RAW formats: Canon RAW 1-3, DNG, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony The new option "Back" is displayed. To the main menu of closed tabs in "Change Tab" in Configuration - Options - Folder Tabs! "The new option works only when the focus is on the command line (configuration - options - layout) when closing TC while there are temporary files not open, show the first item to user 3 the names of the files and their source file from outside (for example, a default folder in Explorer) to read List only (eg c:\windows) Drop: better dialogs to rewrite and Copy as admin automatically if you need a dialog font with the selected font more space than the default font Ctrl + L in one file now also displays Zone data. ) Separately for each tab Configuration - Options - Folder tabs - Save file types displayed separately for each tab: Option to hide menu items beginning with a user-specified character, default question mark "?" Display modes, automatic commands: put -" at the beginning of the command field so that the commands are not executed in the change of the tab, only in the change of its directory

save settings: when the user cannot save the settings (for example, in the configuration menu or the main settings), suggested copy ini files to a . profile for a user. All INI functions, write redirection to %APPDATA%\GHISLER\redirect Disable plugin redirection: Add 8192 to RestrictInterface on wincmd.ini or register different ini locations for specific plugins: wincmd. ini [ReplaceIniLocation] (see FAQ) < p> Lister:

New DirectShow media player in Lister, replaces older version of Video for Windows (still selectable by configuration) Full screen support, double-click Alt + Enter, get out of my way, or change the audio stream and subtitles with ESC via the context menu to configure the required DirectShow filters via the Lister configuration (tab 3). View chapters as bookmarks below the search bar. , press Ctrl + PageDown / Ctrl + PageUp to move back/forward with x. Seconds (10secs and 60secs by default, right-click adjustable) DirectVobSub filter preload If the source filter has a "subtitle" pin, leave the LAV filters and ffdshow filters installed without them installed, respectively. In the subdir32 or filter64 filter, save the last play position of the last played songs for more than 10 minutes, respectively, when changing the playback speed, using a custom DirectShow filter based on the open source SoundTouch.dll, keep the sound constant. New options for 'Additional Multimedia File Types' and 'Additional Irfanview/Xnview File Types' used when entering text in 'Find Text' w cannot be converted to ANSI and/or ASCII (if specified). One side, both sides, etc. via button [1x] New context menu items to display file context menu and file properties, edit left/right file Display exclamation point in 'singles' or 'duplicates' button if not open Conversation

box Content-by-Content Dialog:

Allows you to display additional two-line lists from the current cursor position for easy comparison. Undo the dough, but it does not refocus the bottom line menu 2 directly with Ctrl + Tab Down 2 The comparison menu can be left/right cursor, up/down cursor, home/down cursor, and Ctrl + mouse wheel navigation. The mouse wheel now moves the two-line panel down even when the mouse is not on it. Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Wheel still moves based on


support for OpenSSL 1.1 and later. The original dll file must be libssl - * _ *. dll / libssl - * _ * - x64.dll (with version number ***, eg 1_1), libcrypto *.dll should not be renamed!

Bound checks:

Support for checks generated from a stream, displayed as "-" (plus two spaces and a dash) in checks generated with support from other applications, more OpenSSL template types: SHA224 , SHA384, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512

Internal commands:

LOADLIST listfilename / Loads folders from a text file. cm_ZoomIn and cm_Zoom Out to zoom thumbnails (eg Ctrl + mouse wheel) cm_syncchangedir: Do not enter a directory when it is not on the other side. Simply turn off cm_synchangedir when the user tries again support parameters 0 (or none) = change mode, 1 = setting, 2 (or -1) = reset for the following internal commands: cm_*comments, cm_*DirBranch, cm_* DirBranchSel, cm_ToggleAutoViewModeSwitch, cm_SyncChangeDir, cm_SwitchLongNames, cm_SwitchHidSys, cm_SwitchHid, cm_SwitchSys, cm_Switch83Names, cm_FtpHiddenFiles, cm_SwitchDirSort, cm_SwitchOverlayIcons, cm_SwitchWatchDirs, cm_SwitchIgnoreList, cm_SwitchX64Redirection, cm_Vis * driving LOADSEARCH (such as button): put the equal sign = in front of the name to start the search immediately, = double = to start and feed to the box list after searching, the ZIPFROMLIST command has been improved: the file list name can now contain Unicode characters and the content can be ANSI, UTF-16 (with a byte BOM pointer), or UTF-8 (with or without BOM), The archive name can also be placed in the Parameters section. New commands to write list of files with details and column header for file/clipboard support parameters 0 = swap, 1 = set, 2 (or -1) = reset also for: cm_SeparateQuickInternalOnly New internal command OPENATTRIBUTES Change attributes: +s (subfolders), + a / -a + r / -r + h / -h + s / -s + dDate + tTime + L + L2 Plugin_settings

Variables for commands in the Start button menu bar:

All variables in the button bar or The start menu, as %N, %P, now supports the following string fields in the form: ~ start, end, eg %N: ~2.5 (5 characters from the last) or %N: 8 -8.5 (5 From the last 8 items) Variables %S, %R, %P %S and %T %R Support Now Attachment Text for each file must have a parameter in quotes be a duplicate, eg add "%P%S.bak". Buck on any name. %B new location for part of the path (including branch views): %B or 0 B0 parents, %B1 grandparents, etc. - B-, %B-1, %B-2 Same width but no branch locator width %Bt, %Bt1, etc: Parents, grandparents list New folder replace B+ for part of path (including view paths branch), start counting from the beginning: %B + drive with ":", %B + 0 drive without ":", %B + 1 sub-first, %B + 2 sub-seconds, etc.

Content Plugin Fields:

3 new internal fields: tc->ZoneId , tc->HostUrl and tc->ReferrerUrl Read these fields from the Zone.Identifier stream data. ZoneId is set to c:\Program Files\totalcmd on newer systems by default


. If the user cannot get admin rights, change to c:\totalcmd. Allows existing users to write, /W2 Allows users to write high The last parameter may be the target path, for example installername.exe /F "c:\totalcmdnew"

Posted notes for Total Commander 3.11 for Android:

Support Android 11 Support for desktop mode optimization (DeX) Install application files with extension .xapk and .apks Click on irrelevant file -> Show context menu instead Background menu for app selector: Always show “Open as” and “Open with” Activate Report file in media player settings: change playback speed (Android 6 or later), decompress rar5, 7z, tar, gz Support vertical video, Z, bz2, arj, lzh, iso, img, cab as well as zip and rar replay tools Multiple Label: To use it, delete at least one file or folder Select Compare Content (via context menu): Select exactly two backup files and install split APKs. Example to launch the launcher from hotkeys Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V (copy, crop, paste via clipboard) and Ctrl + R (read) plug-ins for users with an external keyboard, button bar: new action parameters: and Category: supported, explicit action and assigning one or more categories Media player: Displays the current song and all songs below the icon in the top password notification Main pass: Let the user choose between the new (BiometricPrompt) and old (FingerprintManager) functions. Wild symbols in the ignore list, for example * ~ or * name *. Virtual like /// _ SD card search function: Add "older than" option Support Android 10

Release notes Windows, macOS, Linux 9.51:


Dark mode, Starting with Windows XP, full support for Windows 10 1809 (Fall 2018), also unofficial with older versions of Windows (ForceDarkModeOptions = 1) This mouse pointer moves to the default button. Active in the control panel under "Mouse" displays up to 3 connected USB devices without a drive letter (for example, phone and tablet). Set via HistoryLenStored) History: Show only directories where the user has done a few things (adjustable) Alt + Shift + Down arrow Full history of the drive dropdown menu Displays the drive button bar: Show the "eject" folder on the drive icon for removable drives when Scroll through file list using keyboard, 4 line margin up/down to current position (adjustable)) Directory panels: for hard/soft links for files instead of 0 Display size Ctrl + Q Quick view: Display the contents of the target link instead of the contents of the lnk file Configure - Options - View: New 'Add' option to show folders as \ folders instead of [folders] Internal Forums: Optional: Add additional verbs from all matching filters, default 'Open' only from first view Show 'New' submenu also In the context menu to enter [.], to create a new file now in the Windows 10 directory, context menu: "Subscribe" menu item not working -> Manage internally Quick search dialog: Clear search with Ctrl + Y Right-click on a tab index -> “closed Recent tabs "Show Total Commander EXE file location About box

File operation: History: When the file package is opened, select Code Page, eg. To open names with Cyrillic characters, view [Auto] or the encoding specified in the tab. OneDrive folder: Copy folders that appear as F5 file system links Copy dialog: Support permanent menu (Ctrl + D) Create CRC collection checks: New options for using Unix template and using UTF-8 sub-thread Supports environmental variables, eg variable: ~ 2,3%

FTP / File Extensions:

Transfer from FTP server to FTP server using F5: Copy via local computer transfer from / to FTP / FS extensions: Support for copy filters such as local File copy function, on Example *.txt | Exceptions \ FTP, upload / upload using F5 - F2 in the background: RestrictInterface client certificate support = 6144: block all plug-ins, or 4096: allow only valid digitally signed plug-ins

Multiple renames:

new site [c] = Number of files in the new storage list [S] = File size

Alt+F10 tree:

Use 'everything' option to mount Combobox tree to change drive, using Alt+F1 or Alt+F2< p> Search: Search with 'everything': Shows the percentage of search results transferred to Total Commander Advanced search in Office xml files (eg .docx, .ods, etc.): Automatically check for accented characters 'option' Everything when using the prefix ev: or ed: in the search field to search for search results only Show previous search results

List (F3):