Send is a powerful but messy BitTorrent client

Transmission was built from the ground up to be a powerful and lightweight BitTorrent client. The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to integrate with any computing environment you choose to use.

The transition between delivering useful performance without inflating feature balances. In addition, it is free to use or modify for anyone.


Uses fewer resources than other clients. All of these devices can be controlled remotely by web clients and terminals. Full local peer discovery Full encryption, DHT, μTP, PEX, and Magnet

Transfer support works natively on more than five operating systems. Integrated configuration of your network, smart blocking of peers sending corrupt data, and built-in Peer Exchange are some of the features that enable Transmission to download your files as quickly as possible. All this is done in the background, without the user having to worry about complicated settings.

Bandwidth is a precious commodity these days. Transportation allows you to effectively rationalize this product. You may want to queue torrents for maximum performance. Or slow it down during peak throttle periods.

The gearbox allows you to do both with ease, and therefore only does the hard work when you want it to. Growl notification support and dock icons keep you up to date with what's going on so you can get back to more important things. GNU General Public License with optional code.

What's New:

All Platforms

Let the RPC server listen for an IPv6 address (#161) Change TR_CURL_SSL_VERIFY Back to TR_CURL_SSL_NO_VERIFY and enable validation by default (#334) to use hashing As the base name for resume and torrent files (those stored in the config menu) (#122) 'fields' argument in RPC request 'session -get' manage. If the 'fields' array is in the arguments, it only defines the session fields. Otherwise return all The fields are as before. Limit the number of incorrect authentication attempts on the embedded web server to 100 to prevent brute force attacks (#371).212) Add Peer ID for Xfplay, PicoTorrent, Free Download Manager, Folx, Baidu Netdisk Torrent Clients (# 256, #285, #355, #363, #386).Amazon S3 detectors (#250) Add TCP_FASTOPEN support (should increase slightly) (#184) Improve service management on IPv6 connections (#128, #341, #360 , #692, #737) if DH is shared, cancel loss is not hidden (crash) (#27) does not change (crash) when declaring trackers (#297) DB completion optimization Scripts and bug management. Add support for .cmd and bat files. In Windows (#405), save the Session ID file (in the temporary directory) to determine if the session is local or remote. Return the identifier as part of the "sesion-get" response (TRAC-5348, #861) Torrent transfer even if data transfer is not required (#35) Support for CIDR-blocked lists (#230, #741) Update your resume before Execute scripts (#825) Set multiple scripts restrictions (#837) Add tags to libtransmission and Transmission-remote (#822) Decode the session ID address in uppercase and lowercase (#765) Clear it instead of rejecting suspicious path components (#62, #294) Download CA Certificates from Windows Store/OpenSSL (#446) Add support for mbedtls (usually polarssl) and wolfssl (formally cyassl), LibreSSL (#115, #116, #284, #486, #524), #570) Fix building against OpenSSL 1.1.0+ (#24) Fixed quota support for uClibc-ng 1.0.18+ and DragonFly BSD (#42, #58, #312) Fixed a number of memory leaks (magnet loading, session stopping , parse encrypted data) (#56) Upgrade miniupnpc to 2.0.20170509 (#347) (#347) Make improvements (ninja builder, libapp index, systemd, Solaris, macOS) (#72, #96, #117, #118 , #133, #191) Go to submodules to manage (more) 3rd party dependencies If UCRT is not installed Install fails on Windows

Mac Client

Minimize macOS to 10.10 Dark Mode Support (#644, #722, #757, #779, #788) Remove Growl support, Always use Notification Center (#387) Automatic updates in High Sierra and above can be fixed by vibrating. Sparkle version (#121, #600) Convert to ARC (#336) from proper UTF-8 encoding (with macOS normalization) Use proper UTF-8 encoding when dragging multiple items between groups (#51) Add flat types of status icons to Report message (#134) Optimize image source size (#304, #429) Update file icon on file rename (#37) Update translations


Add queue up/down shortcuts (#158 ) Update desktop files. (#162) Add AppData file (#224) Add va riant icon to Gnome top bar and when using high contrast theme (#414, #449) refresh icon when name changes (#37) from intltool to get text for translations (# 584, #647) Update translations, add new translations for Portuguese (Portugal)

Qt Client

Reduce minimum Qt version to 5.2 Fix deletion of .torrent files in Windows main window ( #269 (fix drive letter hanging) To different user-selected paths in Windows (#236, #307, #404, #437, #699, #723, #877) Fix sorting based on progress in presence of magnet transfer (#234) Fix deleted torrent file after adding (# 262) Add queue/bottom shortcuts (#158) Reduce torrent properties (file tree) Use memory to display tooltips in torrent properties (file tree) if names are inappropriate (#411) Improve user interface appearance on high-resolution screens (YMMV) ) for flexibility b Use More (#130) to update desktop files.(#162) Update translations and add new subtitles for Afrikaans and Books Chinese, Danish, Greek, Norwegian Bokm, l, Slovenian


. Use libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon (TRAC-5921) Fixed Transfer Service by not allowing overscores (#795) Correct exit code as zero when unloading settings (#487)

web client

Fix XSS Tracker Inspector Error (CVE-?) Fix performance issues caused by incorrect use of setInterval() to read UI (TRAC-6031) Fix https://link detection in comments (#41, #180) Modify menu style torrent in Google Chrome 59+ (#384) Show ETA in compressed view on non-mobile devices (#146) Show file upload button on mobile devices (#320, #431, #956) Add keyboard shortcuts for web interface (#351) Disable autocomplete in torrent URL field (#367)


Prevent transmission crashes - View torrent with invalid build date (#609) Manage IPv6 RPC addresses in remoting (#247) Add option - unsorted to send -show (#767) extend torrent id column in Transmission-Remote for cleaner format (#840) (#840)

code signing policy

Windows packages MSI: Code Signing Free by, Certification Read More SignPath Foundation

Send is a powerful but messy BitTorrent client
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