Save unlimited passwords and sensitive information securely with 1Password

Have you ever forgotten your password? We all have it. You no longer have to worry about this.

With 1Password, you only need to keep one password. All passwords and other important information are protected by your master password, which only you know. This will lock your data against thieves, hackers, and other bad types.


1 Password can record username and password when logging in to applications. Autofill Websites Our form allows you to login to your online accounts with one click, one look or one touch.

Keep your secrets

Your privacy is our top priority. A combination of policies, innovative thinking and deep respect for your right to privacy ensure that your data always remains safe and secure.

Use 1Password anywhere

Available on all devices, browsers, and operating systems. 1Password seamlessly integrates your data between devices so you always have your passwords with you.

Check for breaches

Watchtower monitors for password breaches and other security issues so you can keep your accounts safe with weak, damaged or duplicate password checks and lets you know Sites that do not have two-factor authentication or use insecure HTTP.



Our Code Signing Certificate Updated {OPW-5070 New


Magic Keyboard support with Touch ID adds to Apple Silicon Mac devices. The Quit Completely menu item is always in the 1Password menu. 53#5395} In the past year, we've made secure online payments easier through direct integration with privacy. Now, we do the same for email. Masked email notification - 1Password and Fastmail integration. Create new and unique email addresses without leaving the registration page. Keep your real email address private from apps or services you subscribe to - Using a covered email address can protect you from abuse and put your inbox back in your hands. Now controlling your privacy and hiding your email address is as easy as creating a strong password.

1Password and Fastmail - A Partnership Focused on Privacy

At 1Password, we believe your data should be kept confidential and protected from prying eyes. Our friends at Fastmail fully agree on the importance of privacy, which is why we're so excited to combine an email-centric privacy experience with 1Password. We've worked together to create a compelling email, which will separate your online identity and restore some of your online privacy.

Email Masked - Protect Your Identity Online

Whether you use 1Password in your desktop web browser or Safari on your iPhone, Email Masked is now the best way to create unique email addresses. Add an extra layer of security to all your accounts: Protect yourself from data breaches and spam by using a unique email address for each account. Easily create email addresses on the go: When asked to enter an email address, 1Password gives you the option to create a new email address. Now, creating and managing unique email addresses for each login is as easy as creating a strong password. Control your privacy: If you receive unwanted emails, you can easily determine which email addresses have been shared, leaked or sold. And if necessary, you can simply turn it off from within 1Password. You can read more about Email Masked here.


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Save unlimited passwords and sensitive information securely with 1Password
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