Control the brightness of your PC from a single app with Signal RGB
SignalRGB supports the most popular PC gaming peripherals, including products from brands like Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, HyperX, Logitech, and more. As SignalRGB grows, our goal is to provide compatibility with a larger range of RGB products. Tests RAM, GPUs, and alpha motherboards.

Experience custom effects for your favorite games with our growing game integration library. SignalRGB detects on-screen performance in real time - explosions, counters, different environments, ammo count, health and damage levels, and more - and creates reaction effects you can't find anywhere else.

Features p> Reflects the motion screen environment of any game, video or content. Live sound effects to match any audio content to unreal light show. Customizable Grand Theft Auto V RGB effects for your favorite games. Riptide Create the perfect RGB layout with unique effects to suit your style.

See all compatible devices here.

New Features:

Plugin Manager comes with improved tools and several bug fixes. Read more MSI Center replaces Dragon Center and reduces puffiness

MSI Center replaces Dragon Center and reduces puffiness

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Signal is a real private messaging app

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