Uses Volvo 2023 Lidar electric chassis to drive
Initially, the Tier 3 automaker restricted autonomy to roads within California.

Level 3 automated driving is expected to be available in the US next year.

At CES 2022 yesterday, Volvo announced that it intends to offer the Ride Pilot feature to customers in California and is awaiting approval. The automaker tested the system in Sweden and will begin testing in California later this year. The company plans to introduce this feature with its futuristic all-electric chassis to be launched in 2023.

Volvo chose California because "the climate, traffic conditions and an appropriate environmental legal framework for the system allow drivers to shift their attention to things other than driving, on the Although they still have to be ready by the time the car demands intervention, says the company.What kind of tasks?Volvo mentions reading, writing and working in its press release, but it seems impossible to take a nap now.

"We're still not quite intentionally different when we wake up," Henrik Green, Volvo's chief technology officer, told The Verge. Control and take responsibility for leadership. "

It's not clear how Volvo falls between an inattentive driver and a conscious driver who discriminates. Eye-tracking cameras are the most likely solution, as periodic driver harassment defeats the goal of Level 3 independence. We contacted Volvo for clarification.


Challenges ahead

READ MORE: Mercedes-Benz has received the world's first certification for an automated driving system.. By definition, it is in control of most situations, but requires the driver to take charge at short notice relatively.The system must identify shift points early enough so that the driver has time to re-engage with the road.This can be difficult at high speeds, which is likely why Mercedes-Benz sets the pilot system Level 3 with pilot thrust to 37 mph (60 km/h) and only on portions of highways. Enable.

OTHER ELEMENTS Companies like Cruise and Waimo completely ignore Level 3 and move to Level 4. With these systems, you should be The car is able to drive itself and monitor its surroundings - there is no expectation that a human driver will be able to control the right conditions. Adverse, like blizzards, humans may still have to drive. Level 5 alone never requires human drivers.

Several Tier 2 cars offer Independence Day. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, perform functions such as automatic cruise control and lane keeping, but drivers usually have to keep their hands on the steering wheel. Even the most advanced systems, such as the General Motors Super Cruze and Ford Blue Cruze, still require drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Announcement

Sensor Array

To enable Level 3 autonomy, the future Volvo electric car will be equipped with a scanner, five radar units, eight cameras and 16 ultrasonic sensors. Inside the car, Zenseact software, a subsidiary of Volvo, collects data from various sensors to provide a view of the road.

READ MORE: Toyota owners have to pay $8 a month to keep using their remote start keychain. The lead sensor will be the Iris Luminar, which will reach mass production this year. The company claims that its lasers can reliably detect objects at a distance of 250 metres. Operating at 1550nm, which is much longer wavelengths than others, they usually use a 905nm laser. Luminar chose the longer wavelengths because they were less dangerous to the naked eye, allowing them to use a high-powered laser, although the 1550-nm laser seems to be an open question. / p>

Volvo intends to introduce it. Use the pilot as a subscription rather than a one-time purchase. The model gives the company access to recurring revenue - something many other automakers are looking for - but Green, the chief technology officer, claims it will allow more people to access the feature. "Not everyone has access to a lot of cash," he told The Verge. "Sharing is a very small hurdle you can experience." Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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