Here he drives the slowest (but fastest) Bugatti ever

Although we used the skill at Nürburging, we drove it during busy Connecticut hours.

I'm not sure anything can prepare you enough to drive a modern Bugatti. If the thought of more than a megawatt of power under your right foot isn't daunting enough, there is a price. The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport we tested has a cost of $3.959 million. All press test drives require a champion - in our case, Butch Leitzinger is one of the few race drivers that Bugatti uses for this reason.

READ MORE This is what shows Bugatti Veyron driving at 305 mph for weeks to get those words right. You don't have to worry about a top speed of 300 mph (405 km/h) with a top speed of 218 mph (350 km/h) which means the Chiron Power Sport is the slowest Bugatti built since its (second) uprising of the year 1998. In terms of top speed, ie. Because this is probably the fastest car Bugatti has made in terms of acceleration, sacrificing a bit of the more brutal Vmax acceleration. So there is no pressure. Bugatti's current 1500-horsepower sixteen-cylinder option is a W16 8.0-liter, four-turbocharged engine - in fact, a pair of 4.0-liter V8s with a common crankshaft. The engine increased 1,500 hp (1.1 MW) and 1,180 lb-ft (1,600 Nm) from its revs (6,700 to 6,900 rpm) and accelerated throttle response. Only 20% is shifted by the dual-clutch transmission and the gear ratio is much shorter, so the 7 on the Pur Sport is about the same as the regular 6 on the Chiron, if any Chiron can be called normal.

How fast is it? From sleep, it hits 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.3 seconds, which is less time than reading this sentence. 124 mph (200 km/h) takes 5.5 seconds. Hold the throttle for about 12 seconds to get to 186 mph (300 km/h), assuming you have good road ahead. We don't have a good road, but when Leitzinger showed actuator control on the highway ramp before applying massive (but lighter than usual) braking, I got a glimpse of that operational package. Advertising

Yes, the Tesla S Plaid will go faster and at a lower cost. If your only frame of reference is the stopwatch numbers and other timelines, that should probably be enough to declare Tesla a win. But let's be honest - since the average Bugatti owner has 50 more, they almost certainly have one or two Tesla.

In addition, the experience is incredibly different. Bugatti is much more mechanical and much longer, because the inefficiency of the internal combustion engine causes a lot of gasoline noise. And this is an inefficient car at 10 mph (23.5 liters per 100 km). Yes, that's horrific, so rest assured that only 60 Chiron Pur Sports will be built, they won't be driving much and very soon, Mate Rimac's new boss will find a way to hook up some electric motors to Bugatti's proportions.

After she got enough attention, we found a place to move around and change chairs. If you're middle-aged, it's not the easiest car to ride, and when you fall into the bucket seat, you realize that the settings you can make are limited and manually operated. This is a Chiron that's supposed to be in the house with ups and downs, Nürburgring left and right, and not on the direct Ehra-Lessien tracks, so it's likely the power tuning engines due to the increased weight . I'm not sure if the faux suede is much lighter than leather, and although it saves on the Pur Sport, it weighs more than two tons (2000 kg). However, it's the industry's default method, and she says, "This is quick stuff — take it on the right track." Unfortunately we didn't take it to the track, only Greenwich Road was Connecticut.

Bugatti has done a lot of development work at the Chiron Pur Sport at the Nürburgring. Zoom/Bugatti has a lot of development work on the Chiron Pur Sport At the Nürburgring.Bugatti

Everything is unique to Bugatti. This is not a Volkswagen trash thing. The steering wheel is similar to the multi-purpose wheels on Audi and Porsche, but the spokes are thinner. The door handles have a matte finish that looks plastic in the pictures but is actually made of anodized (and scratch-resistant) titanium. The dashboard is made of aluminum and the only plastic I noticed is the on/off button for the entertainment system. (That's pretty low, the screen on the right shows 300mph, and no, there's no CarPlay or Android Auto.)

The rearview mirror is narrower than almost any other mirror. The car is on the road, but it seems to have a device that lowers itself. This is not very useful - your back is divided into four quarters with a large fin and a larger rear wing. Side mirrors do a better job. Adjust them, so you need to tilt your head to see a lot of side entrances. Despite the air conditioning efforts, the glass roof temperature rose on May 1st.

On Gasoline, Press Beach

Rarely used during city driving, the throttle is the smallest part of the engine enough to hit 25 mph when the clock is ticking, it turns The hassle-free system automatically shifts to 5 or 6. You touch the throttle, then the torque wave sweeps, alerts you to potential obstacles or dangers such as reckless drivers, and bills the repair to the number of potential phone numbers that a worst-case scenario will result.

The steering wheel isn't particularly heavy, but when maneuvering at very low speeds you can feel (and hear) the mechanical differences in the workplace. This ride is the firm's strongest side and the springs are 65% stiffer in the front and 35% stiffer in the rear than the regular Chiron. According to Bugatti chassis development director Yachin Shaulbi, the compatible dampers use a different tuning philosophy. I have to accept what the ad says

There is something going on with the 202 turbo lag. It can't really compare to what old people mean when they say the lag is a turbo. Not like the eighties. But after applying good throttle pressure (say, 25 percent of an incline) to get off the throttle, there is still the shortest pause. I don't know if the engine could suck in a lot of air or run the turbine - or if the throttle was just designed to prevent the Billionaire from crashing.

Most of the rumors read true: the Rimac grabbed a Bugatti with the help of a Porsche, but when you open a gap and depress the pedal properly, a split second doesn't happen much (which isn't quite the same as the Ludicrous-ing experience) Tesla.) Then it happens, and it happens very quickly, even with only 25% of the throttle movement.

Honestly, the chance of making even these small maneuvers in fleeting traffic during rush hour. It started to droop. So I don't have Any way of presenting the fact that Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R's special tires create a car with 10% more lateral control or the feel that comes with producing a fixed rear wing (every 6.2 ft / 1.9 m), they brace…all its downward power with speed. What this experience was just a beach and he was always thinking about the cost of the car I was driving. We didn't have air during the hour with the Chiron Pur Sport. zoom/We didn't have air during the hour with the Chiron Pur Sport. Bugatti

when the auto giant put Redinand Beach, the first standard for Bugatti's third act, stated that driving should be as easy as a Volkswagen Golf with a capacity of 250 mph. Pur Sporting the Chiron might slow down in this case, but I can report that even a ready-made Bugatti still checks square one.

List image by Jonathan Gitlin

Here he drives the slowest (but fastest) Bugatti ever
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