Chrysler will be fully electric by 2028, starting with Airflow in 2025
Although a technical concept, Airflow appears to be production ready.

Not much has happened at Chrysler in the past few years, although it is about to change. The parent company, Stellantis, announced yesterday that Chrysler will become its flagship electric brand. By 2028, the 96-year-old automaker's entire production line will be fully electric.

READ MORE Four new electric platforms and five gigafactories: the low-cost EV Stellantis platform. Chrysler currently sells only two cars, the old 300C and the Pacifica pickup, which are available as a plug-in hybrid. Today at Consumer Electronics, the company shared more details about the Airflow, a crossover concept that looks ready for production — in fact, it's so close that the announcement is likely a slim preview of the company's first electric vehicle. It was. Released 2025. The Airflow is powered by two 150 kW (201 hp) electric motors, one for each axle, and while Chrysler hasn't disclosed battery size, it said it's targeting 350 to 400 miles. specialization. If the company can achieve that, it will be a coup d'état and will compete with the best Tesla. It's a good thing she has a few years to offer. The <b>Airflow</b> concept is nice, though not groundbreaking. If it goes into production, it should be a good company in an increasingly competitive category. Zoom / Airflow concept is nice, although not groundbreaking. If it enters production, it should enter an increasingly competitive category. Stellantis

Electric Destiny

In reviving the Airflow name, Chrysler is referring not only to aerodynamics. This indicates that the famous brand still has what it takes to lead the group. The Airflow 1934 was a revolutionary teardrop of a machine designed using extensive wind tunnel tests and built with an all-steel frame and body. The car was inspired by the modern Streamline movement of the time, and although it was a commercial failure, its design and features were impressive. Take a look at its history - wooden dollhouse minivans from Town & Country in the '80s, vintage PT Cruiser in the '90s, and the current full-size sedan that revived the 300. Although the company is not committed to producing Airflow - regardless of the design or nameplate Name - The fact that she uses a historical name indicates that she is looking for another rabbit. The ad from the back zoom/ From the back apparently, and there are a number of strong characters as well.Porsche weather in the taillight treatment.Stellantis

Like the prototype, the Airflow concept is polished stone at the edges with a thin cone.The black roof hides part of the bulk of the The cargo space above, tall hatches and sloping hinges refer to the spacious interior, which benefits from a dedicated EV platform.Although it's not very groundbreaking, it's still a beautiful design, Stellantis uses, and uses.The most obvious is the STLA SmartCockpit, a set of Software and user interface covering navigation, voice assistance, and infotainment.The cockpit is being developed as part of a joint venture with Foxconn, and on Airflow, it is displayed on six screens, including four in the front and two in the back.

IndoorAirflow contains six screens - four One in the front and two in the rear. Src="" alt=" Will start with Airflow in 2025"> zoom/inside Airflow has six screens, four in the front and two for the rear passengers. Stellantis

In an earlier press release, Chrysler stated that the STLA Brain aims to break "today's connection between generations of hardware and software, allowing software developers to create and update features and services without waiting for new hardware to be released." Laptops, laptops, and phones It has been around for years.

Finally, what's a complete car concept without some sort of automatic driving feature? Airflow comes with STLA AutoDrive, which Stellantis is developing in partnership with BMW. This feature can manage up to a third level of automation, which means the car can drive in certain situations such as highways and traffic. However, the driver must still be ready to pick up the car at any moment.

For our test car, most of the Airflow is remarkably real. Chrysler still has a few years to sort things out, but if it can make it through, it will have a solid contender for what constitutes a highly competitive division. Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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