Best gaming mouse: The best wired and wireless options

Your reaction rate may be as good as the guy staring behind you, but if you move your mouse with high CPI/DPI and low latency, you will always be more likely to be underweight. They might swear by the network symbol later, but it will most likely keep your old, worn out mouse away.

As with almost all computer components, investing in a good gaming mouse can dramatically improve performance and comfort, allowing you to connect your macros to your potential. A set of additional buttons or choose the perfect DPI settings for that perfect picture. Thousands of perforated honeycomb designs love it or hate it, but in recent years things have changed a bit, but the main features remain the same. Some factors, such as shape, weight, and lightness (fingertips, claws, palms) are completely subjective, but we've discussed these aspects in our recommendations. Best gaming mouse: the best wired and wireless options

The following gaming mice are listed in unranked order: They are among the best in terms of performance, features, customization and ergonomics in the respective categories... Best wired mice: Top Logitech, Razer, Steelseries Logitech G502 Hero Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

Logitech G502 Hero Legendary Mode maintains The game in the community, and because of Logitech's rich feature set and class-leading performance, it makes the G502 Hero an easy recommendation with its attractive $40 price tag.

Iconic design and inspiration from people like Razer Basilisk now Logitech's Hero 25K (-100) ( 25600dpi sensor), da sounds on 11 programmable buttons and 5 removable 3.6g weights for customization on a custom level.The versatile, metal-clad scroll wheel can be toggled between or set free-wheeling modes. To give more tactile feel when crashing / swiping cut.

It may be boring for some, but the scroll wheel can also be tilted to the left. Or right, it allows access to two more programmable buttons set by default left and right on the screen. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

The Steelseries Rival 600 like the G502 is a relatively large right-handed mouse of interest to users who have medium to large hands and use palm or palm grip styles. Now about $20 more than the Logitech G502 Hero, it has a new weighing system that complements its sleek 8-RGB design, plus a lift-detection depth sensor (at least 0.5mm) that vibrates when shaken. Lift / ban. Mouse Mode: The 96g Rival 600 has magnetic silicone side plates that can hold an additional 32g (4g in 8 optional weights). 4 Weight gaps on either side of the mouse allow for precise left or right adjustment, if the overall movement is unbalanced. The 12,000 CPI optical sensor provides 1:1 tracking (like Logitech Hero technology) and supports speeds up to 350 IPS and 50G acceleration. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

There is less room for customizing buttons compared to the G502 Hero, but a total of 7 buttons is still too many for most players. There are 3 of them on the left, although there is no place for a thumb. Plus, the textured rubber wheel only provides cut-through scrolling, so speeding on long end user license agreements can be a bit cumbersome. Competitor 600 uses a detachable micro USB cable, which some users prefer (they usually prefer more durable woven wires) . In the software section, the Steelseries engine, compatible with Windows and macOS, allows macro editing and 8-zone RGB lighting customization, and the mouse's internal memory keeps these settings.

Mechanical split-left primary buttons and in the Rival 600, they are officially rated at 60 million clicks and offer silent performance. It also comes with a smooth matte finish on the touch points, making it easy to use during long night gaming sessions. Razer DeathAdder V2 Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

The Razer DeathAdder (and all later variants like the Elite) are focused on gamers looking for a comfortable, relatively lightweight mouse that makes everything simple. The V2 and V2 Pro (Wireless) are the culmination of years of modding in the DeathAdder series, and remain one of the best gaming mice left today. Still only for right-handed users. However, the unique design, contour, and overall look are a perfect fit for all grip styles and palm sizes. The Razer 20,000 DPI optical sensor responds to the slightest movement and use of light switches - rated for 70 million clicks - and eliminates ultra-low response time from any spikes. Best gaming mouse: The best wired and wireless options

Continuous Fluency with Razer Woven Cable The Speedflex is lightweight, soft to the touch, flexible and doesn't slip on objects. Also, the use of white PTFE skates allows for friction-free movement, while rubber side grips provide much-needed control.

The $39 DeathAdder V2 has 8 adjustable buttons, with adjustable inputs, most of which are enabled by HyperShift. The interior of the Razer Synapse Chroma RGB V2 is visually restricted - especially for a Razer product - and shines only on either side of the scroll wheel and the original Razer logo, the latter of which is hidden under the palm.

Steelseries Rival 3 Best gaming mouse: The best wired and wireless options. It's Sticks to the basics.The personal lighting and fork are friendly.Of the six programmable buttons, there are two slim thumb buttons on the bottom left, making it suitable for right-handed users with a two-way design.</p> <p> The optical sensor is not 8500 CPI. It is The most powerful around, but supports up to 300 speed IPS and 35G acceleration.These numbers should apply only to the most competitive esports players, and are perfectly acceptable in everyday gaming scenarios.The Rival 3 uses the same mechanical split switches as the aforementioned Rival 600 and has an average 1000 Hz polling.However, the lower price rejects the fancy adjustable weights, and the design is a bit simple compared to that.</ p> <p> <img border =

Once you're done with the ultimate mouse comfort we've recommended in this list, you'll be on the path to mastering both online and offline in most games, especially first-person shooters. the first. However, players who invest heavily in MMOs like New World or MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm need a special edge in their gaming mice.

In both types, having a large set of buttons - preferably an all in one place - can mean the difference between (virtual) life and death. This is where the Razer Naga Trinity and Corsair's Scimitar Pro come in.

Both mice are designed with MOBA and MMO players in mind, and this focus is reflected in their respective feature set. The $70 Razer Naga Trinity is slightly smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the $80 Scimitar Pro, and can be configured with up to 19 programmable buttons — enough for most of your space-free World of Warcraft magic. p> Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options < p> If you are wondering how Trinity achieves a large number of buttons, the answer lies in its three interchangeable side panels and left/right swipe functions.

These pages have 2, 6. They have 12 button flavors and are nicely placed on the left side of the Trinity. Each page is apparently designed to function differently: the six-button page is best for MOBA, as you only have a handful of management capabilities, and the 12-button configuration is great for the entirety of MMO games.

The binary option-button type is something you probably use in everyday computer operations, or perhaps first person shooting, where reaction time is more important than having a lot of extra buttons. The best. Razer Viper Ultimate

Wireless Gaming Mouse There have been issues with wire disconnection delays in peripherals, but those days are long gone. Wireless mice like the Razer Viper Ultimate or the G502 Lightspeed have the same functionality as their wired counterparts and outperform them in performance. The only price you have to pay here... is the price you can really afford.

With its versatile design that benefits small to medium handles, the Razer Viper Ultimate is one of the best options out there. . If you're spending over $100 on a gaming mouse, or if you want a color other than black, a little more. It has 8 programmable buttons, including 2 thumb-friendly buttons on both sides.

https: // Best gaming mouse: the best wired and wireless options

What the Viper Ultimate lacks in terms of RGB lighting. The matte body and grooved scroll wheel are offset by a stylish charging station. The dock also has a built-in USB slot for connecting a 2.4GHz Viper receiver and RGB-compatible Chrome lighting at the base. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

You can also charge the mouse the old-fashioned way after about 70 hours. By connecting the micro USB cable in the front.

The main competitor to the Viper Ultimate, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed is an equally compelling option, but is limited to right-handed users who have $135 in their wallet. All the above features and benefits of the G502 Hero, plus up to 60 hours of wireless freedom on a single charge. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

It also supports the optional Logitech Power charging mattress and is worth checking out to see if you're a fan of the Viper Ultimate design, charging dock, or Razer's Synapse software.

Wireless Model O

Wireless Glorious Model O is the first recommendation on our list for a perforated honeycomb design. While they are aesthetically pleasing and may help prevent your palms from getting sweaty, the dusty hexagons you receive need frequent cleaning and may cause a bit of a fear of thrips in the process. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

Apart from design features, the Wireless O model features a lightweight 69g body weight and double-walled profile, which is suitable for users with any style of grip with medium and large hands. This is a 19,000 DPI Bamf sensor developed by Glorious with PixArt and supports IPS tracking speeds of up to 400 with a 1000Hz scan rate. Which is located in the lower left and can benefit from right-handed function. Glorious officially orders the mouse for up to 71 hours with RGB 3 turned off, so if you're planning on playing with the lights, expect that number to drop for a few hours. It can also operate in wired mode (USB-C) and uses PTFE sleds for a smooth glide. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

In terms of software, only Glorious Core with Windows offers a host of customization offers, including hot keys, macros, RGB lighting, and a DPI preset (also instantly customizable). The Wireless Model O with the Long Beard Man Logo is a fresh, competitive entry into the world of G-3s and mice. Quality control issues with the other gaming mice on this list aren't exactly safe, but you should be extra careful with the squeaky buttons or vibrating scroll wheel when purchasing the Wireless Model O. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

G305 Lightspeed In performance, design, features and price have reached the desired point. For $40, you get wireless connectivity with the Hero's 12,000 dpi sensor, 1,000 Hz polling rate, and a clean two-way design for small and mid-size phones. He is. The colors are also useful to compensate for the battery life, with single AA cells up to 250 hours of continuous use. Logitech's dedicated USB receiver aids in wireless operation; It can also be stored in the casing for added portability.

The G305 is well built on the lighter side and weighs 99 grams. It has 6 programmable buttons which with two side buttons at the bottom left, is still of interest to right-handed users. There's also a DPI toggle button below the slim scroll wheel, although Logitech G Hub software is needed to unlock its full customization capabilities. Issues raised in this regard. There are issues with this affordable wireless mouse, but if you can get past them, the G305 Lightspeed won't disappoint with its powerful sensor, stylish design, and great value. Best gaming mouse: best wired and wireless options

Another powerful and value-oriented mouse that is definitely a few blocks away from Logitech, the Wireless version of the Steelseries Rival 3 is mentioned above. Priced similar to the G305 Lightspeed, but with a more powerful 18,000 DPI sensor, it adds Bluetooth connectivity to its dedicated wireless mode. Steelseries also claims that with an AA cell and even a meter, the battery lives for more than 400 hours. RGB light can be placed on the scroll wheel. However, its design is not as elegant as the G305 Lightspeed and Steelseries which are only offered in black. Best Master MM720 Lightweight Air Conditioner Best gaming mouse: the best choices Wired & Wireless

Although it's largely a personal preference, ultra-light gaming mice like the 49g Cooler Master MM720 can improve responsiveness in bumpy games with the ability to move quickly, thanks to a full light trail. It also makes your hands and wrists more comfortable during long gaming sessions. The curves and overall look are well suited for small to medium sized hands with either a palm or claw grip. The holes make good use of RGB lighting, which shines from the inside into the palm of your hand through a nice transparent scroll wheel. The Cooler Master also reports IP58 dust and water resistance, so it offers added comfort to fans of this elegant honeycomb design. Behtarin Mouse Bazi: Bahtrin Gzeneh High Sim and Be Sim

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Ducky Feather

یک ماوس سیمی بسیار سبک وزن از Ducky که برای کاربران با دست‌های متوسط ​​و بزرگ ایده‌آل است. Ducky Feather 61 دلاری با اسکیت‌های PTFE باکیفیت، دستگیره‌های جانبی لاستیکی، کابل پاراکورد مانند و سنسور نوری 16000 DPI PMW3389 PixArt، همه انتخاب‌های درستی را از نظر مواد و فناوری انجام می‌دهد. با این حال، این یک ماوس ساده پلاگین و بازی با 8 دکمه است و نرم افزار اختصاصی برای سفارشی سازی ندارد. برای برخی از خریداران، این سادگی مهر معامله است. بهترین ماوس بازی : بهترین گزینه‌های سیمی و بی‌سیم

Razer Viper Mini

Viper Mini سیمی تمام بسته‌های سخت‌افزاری و نرم‌افزاری Razer را در یک طراحی کوچک، باریک و سبک قرار می‌دهد. گیمرهایی که دست‌های کوچکی دارند باید این ماوس 61 گرمی را که دارای سوئیچ‌های نوری بدون تاخیر، سنسور 8500 DPI و نورپردازی زیر نور Chroma RGB با قیمت وسوسه‌انگیز 30 دلار است، در نظر بگیرند.

لایت‌سپید G903 لاجیتک

G903 Lightspeed لاجیتک طراحی منحصربه‌فرد و آینده‌نگر دارد. و عملکرد بی سیم برای پشتیبان گیری از آن. نمایه دوسویه گزینه خوبی برای گیمرهای چپ دستی است که نمی توانند از G502 Lightspeed راست دست استفاده کنند. G903 دارای ویژگی‌های مفیدی مانند چرخ پیمایش بی‌نهایت + بریدگی لاجیتک و سفارشی‌سازی‌های عمیق G Hub است. همچنین در صورتی که هرگز نمی‌خواهید آن را به برق وصل کنید، با تشک شارژ بی‌سیم قدرتمند Power play سازگار است. از آنجایی که مدلی قدیمی‌تر از G502 Lightspeed با قیمت 135 دلار است، در حال حاضر قیمت آن 100 دلار است.

Logitech G203

اگر لاجیتک موس های بازی رقابتی کمتری تولید می کرد، این لیست به گونه ای دیگر خاتمه می یافت. یکی دیگر از گزینه های محکم و مقرون به صرفه این شرکت، ماوس گیمینگ سیمی G203 است. با 30 دلار، پوسته ای تمیز و تمیز دریافت می کنید که دارای حسگر 8000 DPI، نورپردازی RGB و 6 دکمه قابل برنامه ریزی است. علاوه بر رنگ‌های سیاه و سفید معمول، ماوس در رنگ‌های آبی و یاسی نیز عرضه می‌شود تا تنظیمات بازی شما را زیباتر کند.

Best gaming mouse: The best wired and wireless options
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