Zoom Player Max 16.5.1650 Multimedia Player

Zoom Player MAX

is a powerful program for playing audio files and viewing DVD movies. This software is designed in such a way that how to deal with it is very simple and flexible. Zoom Player works in two modes: the first mode is only for playing audio files and the second mode for playing DVD movies. This software with its own capabilities can be a good alternative to similar software. Zoom Player has a special ability to play and enlarge video images without losing quality.

Zoom Player MAX Features

  • Advanced Playback Control
  • Leverage Linear Instructions and Parameters
  • Resynchronize Audio Functions
  • < li>Extract and autoplay archived media files
  • Autoplay multipart files
  • Play DVD from any source like USB/memory card/disk on key/HD
  • Support DVD subtitles in any format
  • Windows Media (WMV/WMA) support
  • Various display mode options
  • Take advantage of different display Tools to display different combinations of size and format < / li>
  • Possibility to play at different speeds
  • and ...

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    Zoom Player Max 16.5.1650 Multimedia Player