TagScanner 6.1.10 Editing audio file tags


One of the most important aspects of owning a music archive is managing its tags, which means a wealth of information about the music files contained within the audio files. These specifications include the name of the song, singer, year of release, type of song, etc. TagScanner is one of the modern tools for organizing large music archives, its environment is designed to be functional and multi-purpose, and various activities can be performed in several parts. With TagScanner, you can easily rename large amounts of files together and create a special arrangement between personal files. The ability to modify file information such as artist name, album name, year of production, song number, etc. in their database in this program and files can be organized in this way.

Receiving music archives from the Internet is another task of this program. Call songs can be listed in this program and after sorting them, save the list in HTML, CSV and ALS formats.

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    TagScanner 6.1.10 Editing audio file tags