Ashampoo Snap 12.0.5 Desktop Capture & Video Recording

Ashampoo Snap

is a very practical and professional program for capturing photos and videos from the Windows environment. This software is very useful in the field of making tutorials and you will easily be able to take pictures of your software, gaming and other Windows environments with Ashampoo Snap and convert them to different formats. Save an image. Ashampoo Snap provides you with a variety of tools after taking the photo, with which you can edit different parts of the photo, for example, add a word or sentence in the corner of the photo, or use a marker to show the desired part. And make many other adjustments with these tools.

Features of Ashampoo Snap

  • Ability to add different shadow and shape effects when shooting
  • Ability to include all objects in the photo such as Mouse tags and ... < /li>
  • Various photo editing tools and facilities
  • Cut, copy, paste, cut, print, save, etc. with just one click
  • Ability to rotate, resize and undo/redo without restrictions
  • Ability to add text with desired font, size, color, and effect on image
  • Draw custom shapes and lines on image
  • With various Highlight and Spotlight effects
  • Ability Take pictures of large and tall windows screens. Automatic scrolling of long screens, capturing all parts and storing in one image file
  • Ability to take pictures of desktop pages of a computer using multiple monitors
  • Language support PARSI

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    Ashampoo Snap 12.0.5 Desktop Capture & Video Recording