MKVToolnix 63.0.0 Win / Mac / Linux combines video, audio and subtitles


An application program for the MKV format, one of the most popular video file formats, which can combine an unlimited number of video, audio and subtitles into one file. If you want to delete or add video clips, audio or subtitles for an MKV file, or even if you want to get a new file based on MP4, AVI video files, SRT subtitles, SUB, etc. MKVToolnix can be used. With MKVToolnix software, you will be able to combine the SRT subtitle file with the desired video in MKV format, so that you can easily play the movie with subtitles by clicking on the video file when transferring or playing a movie. High speed and common operations without quality loss are the features of this software.

Describe how to work with MKVToolnix
  • after installing In the Input Files section, add the video and audio file as well as the subtitle file for the movie. Now in the Tracks, Chapters and Tags section, you can see the subtitle, audio file and video file of the movie. Press the up and down keys to set the priority for audio playback and subtitles.
  • Note that if you enter multiple languages ​​and subtitles here, you can change the dubbing at any time via the video player. Change the subtitle.
  • Now all you have to do is press the Start Muxing key to merge the files in a short time, equal to a few seconds, after which the file is ready and at your disposal. Developed.

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MKVToolnix 63.0.0 Win / Mac / Linux combines video, audio and subtitles