MEmu Android Emulator 7.5.3 Android emulator in Windows


Android emulator software for Windows with Persian language support for Android fans and lets you run your own Android apps and games Run full screen in Windows. With MEmu software which has Android version 4.4, 5.1 and 7.1 (which is installed online through the software control panel), you can run Android applications without having a phone Or an Android tablet, test and use it in exactly the same way on your Windows. This means you can enjoy the app running on your desktop just like you did when you were working on your mobile phone.

  • To run the software, CPU must have virtualization capability (Intel VT- x / AMD-V) and the Virtual Technology option is enabled in the motherboard settings.
  • Software installation time varies depending on system hardware.
  • CPU support software for virtualization capability
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MEmu Android Emulator 7.5.3 Android emulator in Windows