Opera 80.0.4170.72 Win / Mac / Linux + GX Gaming Browser Opera


The Opera browser is used for general Internet applications such as browsing the web, receiving and sending emails, managing communications, online RCC chatting, downloading bit torrent protocols, and reading web feeds. Opera is available for free for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Opera was launched as a research project at Telenor, Norway's largest telecommunications company. The main components of Opera are tab-based browsing, small features, page zoom, a variety of mouse pointer skins, and an integrated upload management section. In terms of security, Opera has built-in protection against phishing attacks and software called malware, as well as the ability to stay safe when browsing websites and delete personal information like cookies.

  • Browser Opera GX gaming browser It has a dark complexion with the ability to manage CPU and RAM device for gamers who don't want the browser to take up a lot of system resources.

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Opera 80.0.4170.72 Win / Mac / Linux + GX Gaming Browser Opera